Sunday, 18 November 2012

Kiwi Crafted Crystals

Its approximately a year ago since I first read about Nga Waiata - an artist and jewellery designer from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
I remember being instantly drawn to her designs because they are everything I enjoy - simple, yet eye-catching and made from natural materials.

Citrine Ring

She uses sustainably mined Brazillian crystals and recycled native 
New Zealand wood, to produce these bold bohemian pieces.

Smokey Quartz Pendant

Her collections are currently stocked in Zambesi, 
both the Wellington and Auckland stores.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sunday Shining

It's coming up summertime down here in the southern hemisphere, and I love a good pair of sunnies to keep the squinty crows feet at bay... but I am definitely more partial to the statement variety!

I stumbled across these classic, yet super cool sunglasses from 
Sunday Somewhere.

This Sydney based design team have a knack for creating glasses that are both retro and edgy, without being too "out there"!

Check out their latest styles online at
(... or try them on for size at Good As Gold, Wellington, NZ)