Saturday, 22 December 2012

Lux Redux

These asymmetrical beauties caught my eye the other day...
Designs by Gemma Redux
Nynette Turquoise Necklace

I love asymmetry in jewellery, but it can have a tendency to look messy. Redux, however, manages to keep it looking elegant and balanced. 
Priya Crystal Necklace
Once again, the fact that real gemstones are being used makes this jewellery even more exciting to me.
Sadly, there are no stockists in NZ, but maybe during my next trip back to London I will visit Fenwick on Bond Street! 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Kiwi Crafted Crystals

Its approximately a year ago since I first read about Nga Waiata - an artist and jewellery designer from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
I remember being instantly drawn to her designs because they are everything I enjoy - simple, yet eye-catching and made from natural materials.

Citrine Ring

She uses sustainably mined Brazillian crystals and recycled native 
New Zealand wood, to produce these bold bohemian pieces.

Smokey Quartz Pendant

Her collections are currently stocked in Zambesi, 
both the Wellington and Auckland stores.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sunday Shining

It's coming up summertime down here in the southern hemisphere, and I love a good pair of sunnies to keep the squinty crows feet at bay... but I am definitely more partial to the statement variety!

I stumbled across these classic, yet super cool sunglasses from 
Sunday Somewhere.

This Sydney based design team have a knack for creating glasses that are both retro and edgy, without being too "out there"!

Check out their latest styles online at
(... or try them on for size at Good As Gold, Wellington, NZ)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Frolic in Floral

I was very excited to see a post pop up from Bluebellgray this week, proclaiming the arrival of her new collection Winter Peony...
Fi Douglas is the creative brains behind this rapidly growing, textile empire, now being stocked in Liberty's of London and John Lewis. I just love the painterly watercolour marks on every design, making each piece seem handmade and personalised. 

What has also got my style senses tingling, was the sneak peek at some new, rather gorgeous scarves!

So I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for when these little beauties come on sale... 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Aura Cleansing Bling

So. I am addicted to Pinterest. Fact.
And I am so happy to have it in my life because without it, I would not have discovered Chase Dakota.

Here are two of her Spiked Rings, in silver and gold, 
both created with crystal points.

Chase Dakota is the name Sammi Burley goes by in the fashion, jewellery and style blogging world - quite the creative butterfly!

The main reason I love these pieces - the crystals.
It's no secret that I am a magpie, but this jewellery seems special because of the intention. Its clear that Chase Dakota understands how crystals can cleanse your aura of negativity and amplify good energy.

Yes, I am a hippy at heart. 
And I think this designer has managed beautifully to combine new age ideas with fashion. 

I know where I want people to shop for my Christmas present -

Friday, 5 October 2012

Clutch My Bag

Being from the UK, I think British design it where it's at!
So whilst browsing the interweb, I came across a great little site called
Here I discovered this stylish clutch bag...
Garrard Clutch bag by M.Hulot

I love the duck egg and tan combo, with the wrap around strap fastening - simple design at its best.

Tea Party

Royal Romance Tea Cup Bangle by Lindsay Pemberton

Miss Pemberton has cunningly sliced into a tea cup with a diamond cutter, creating a beautifully kitsch accessory.
Find this and other designs by Lindsay at