Monday, 13 May 2013

Mild Red, En Zed

I stumbled upon this label whilst shopping for something to wear to a New Year's dinner party... Lucky for me!
MILD-RED is an NZ designed and made fashion label, which has been created to layer, reverse, drape and play with.
Bouquet Jacket & Shut The Gate Dress
 Reminiscent of All Saints clothing in the UK, Donna Tulloch (designer & director) has gone a step further. 
You are encouraged to wear pieces back to front, upside down and inside out! You get to be part of the creative process.
Colours tend to be muted, but luxurious - which I love - and this means they are easily mixed and matched.
So Pure So Black Dress
 Now that Wellywood has reached its winter season, there is nothing I enjoy more than layering on merino wool, jersey and leather. The texturised leather is bold, but can be dressed down, and I love a nice hood :)
Paradox Waistcoat, Shut The Gate Dress & Live Wire Hooded Jumper
MILD-RED can be found in Maggie Potter, on Willis Street