Monday, 22 April 2013

Mirror Me This

After reminiscing about my uni days as a design student, I started looking through the lists of people who have shown at the New Designers exhibition in London, hoping to recapture the inspiration I had once felt when walking through this maze of creativity.
Each year all the finalist students from universities around the UK, come together at this event to show their skill and potential to the "real" world, and it seems many of them have now made a name for themselves.

In 1990, two guys from Glasgow School of Art got together and founded Timorous Beaties - but their designs are anything but timid! 
They have come a long way since their exhibition at New Designers, producing limited edition ranges for John Lewis and Liberty of London.

This ink blot inspired wallpaper is amazingly textural, and the blood red colour creates a moody yet sumptuous feel.

Euro Damask Hand Print

And again, with slightly softer, more ethereal colours creating an hypnotic, dream-like pattern.

Chic Blotch
I would love to see these on a large scale wall - great impact.

This ink blot/mirror pattern is rampant and reproducing! You can see it everywhere now, especially in womenswear. When done right it can look like a piece of art, but when done wrong it will resemble a bad Hawaiian shirt.

This dress has struck the right balance of florals and mirror print...
Karen Millen Pansy Print Dress
By keeping the colour palette limited, it becomes striking and elegant.

So many interesting shapes can be created by mirroring one simple image - the possibilities are endless! 

You can see more designs by Timorous Beasties here...

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