Friday, 11 July 2014

All Washed Up

I love all things Celtic.
I am fascinated by the Dark Ages and the traditions of pre-Roman Britain.
My Dad's side of the family are descendants of the clan Buchanan, and I was once told that in a past life I was a highland warrior :)
I went to art school in Cornwall, where I lived happily for a few years... until I found New Zealand!
And I love being near the water.

Which may be why I am so attracted to the work of Scottish artist, 
Kelly Munro.
She works out of a studio in Edinburgh, creating gorgeous pieces using silver and drift wood. 

Drifted Pendant
 Her jewellery is inspired by lobster pots, fishing nets and other fishing related items, that are sometimes washed up on shore.
Drifted Brooch
Not only is Kelly skilled at intricate saw piercing, she also uses pyrography to add detail and pattern to the wood.
Open Creel Brooch
I love how Kelly uses colour to add contrast to the raw materials she chooses to use, and enhances their connection to the aquatic theme.

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